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Put a Protective Shield Around Your Most Valuable Building

Our high-tech ceramic coatings are so much more than paint. Discover Atlanta’s premier source for residential & commercial acrylic urethane coatings. Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings, the only local painting contractors with the 25-year protection promise.

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Residential Painting Contractors

Stop the cycle of painting and repainting your house. With our Rhino Shield ceramic coating technology, you can enjoy a freshly painted home with a 25-year guarantee. No other local house painters in Atlanta can match our products and services. Other exterior house painters rely on traditional methods and water-based paints, but at Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings we have advanced ceramic paints that protect your home like nothing else. You don’t have to imagine a home that is protected from UV rays, smoke, fire, mold, and provides additional insulation, all you need to do is call Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings for your residential painting needs.

Commercial Painting Contractors

Protect your most valuable business investment and save money with a Rhino Shield ceramic coating. Whatever space you want to protect, our high-tech coatings provide the solution. No building is too big or too small, but your business investment is too important to leave to the elements. No matter what type of business or building style, Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings can protect your investment for decades to come. Retail, industrial, offices, restaurants, apartments, condos, and houses of worship all across the state of Georgia have discovered the proven benefits that only a Rhino Shield commercial painting contractor can provide.

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Exterior Painting

The outside of your Atlanta building is under constant attack from the hot sun, humidity, and heavy rain. Protect yourself with Rhino Shield’s advanced ceramic coating that reflects 90% of the sun’s energy and prevents the elements from attacking your building. We are the only commercial and residential painters that can provide an extra thick ceramic paint coating to protect your building from Georgia’s harsh weather conditions.

Acrylic Urethane Coatings

It’s not just paint, it is a protective shield. Our high-tech coatings are made up of millions of ceramic particles that protect from heat, sound, weather, and more. Rhino Shield’s coatings are 8 - 10 times thicker than traditional paint, that is why they are the only product that can last more than 25 years.

From start to finish, we perform all sitework so that you know your project is done right. Our reputation is built on professional workmanship, courteous service, and exceptional products that always deliver far beyond your expectations. No other local painting companies can come close. Don’t just paint, get real protection that lasts with Rhino Shield.

Atlanta Benefits From Exterior Painting

Water and Fire Resistant

Rhino Shield’s revolutionary ceramic membrane will seal and protect your building for 25 years or more. Our extra thick coatings wrap your building in a fire, smoke, and water resistant layer of protection that is guaranteed to last. Traditional painting products are water-based and cannot protect like Rhino Shield.

Inspection and Repair

We guarantee that our advanced coatings will last. Before we begin, our team of local painting contractors will fully inspect and can repair underlying issues to ensure that your project is done right from top to bottom. Our attention to every detail sets us apart from other local painting companies. See the difference from start to finish with Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings.

Lead Paint Removal

Ensure that your family, friends, and neighbors are protected from dangerous lead paint. Before we apply our safe coatings, our house painting contractors are EPA certified to test and remove any lead paint. Don’t put your family’s health and safety in the hands of any house painters, trust the EPA certified professionals at Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings.

Atlanta’s Painting Professionals

As a full-service company, our local painting contractors can have you looking your best, from the outside in. Our 10-step process covers everything from the initial evaluation to the final walkthrough to ensure that we’ve exceeded your expectations. When the project is finished, you will have a building that is fully protected for 25 years and we will have the satisfaction of one more happy customer. Whether you are looking for residential painting or a commercial building of any size, let us impress you with our attention to every detail.

Our Coating: It’s Not Just Paint, It’s a High-Tech Shield

Our ceramic paint solutions last for 25 years, that’s more than 5 times longer than traditional paint. Our exterior coating comes in over 1,000 colors and we can match nearly any color that you can imagine. Our expert team will work to create the exact look you prefer. Rhino Shield’s extra thick rubber-like membrane bonds to surfaces to form a protective shield around your exterior. With our ceramic technology, your exterior is protected from most fire and water damage, repels algae, and insulates from solar energy. Let Rhino Shield be the last paint job that you will ever need and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are protected from all that Georgia’s climate sends your way.

Local Painting Contractors and So Much More

We specialize in exterior commercial and residential painting, but our team can do so much more than your average painting contractor. We ensure that our projects stand the test of time by providing a detailed inspection and a 10-step process. Our professionalism, advanced skill, and attention to detail set us apart from other local painting contractors. We can repair damage to wood and other surfaces to ensure that your building looks as good as new. We also can repair and paint other exterior surfaces such as wood decks using traditional painting methods. Our professional team is your single-source solution for all commercial and residential painting.

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When you want to protect your home or business investment with a high-tech coating that will last, Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings is the only solution. Rhino Shield is not a traditional paint and we are not your average local painting contractors. We are local painting contractors with a proven record backed by more than 16 years of service. Our customers have come to depend on the high quality service and attention to detail that we provide.

Whether it is your home or your business, your greatest investments are worth protecting. Let our local painting contractors give you a free estimate today. The commercial and residential painting contractors at Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings will prove that our extra thick ceramic coatings can save you time and money and enjoy 25 years of benefits that can only come from the world’s most advanced painting solution!

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When you want to invest in a paint coating that offers lasting protection, look no further than Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings. We’re locally owned, with over 16 years serving Georgia and areas of Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Whether you need Rhino Shield for your home or business, our painting contractors can get you started with a free estimate today. Contact Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings for a protective paint coating that you can rely on for 25 years!

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