Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

Over the last several years, society has started putting the health and safety of the environment at the top of it's priority list. There are tens of thousands of factors that contribute to the sustainability of the environment, and ultimately...
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There’s a new trend in roofing, and it’s becoming increasingly more popular! Roof coatings are the next big thing in the exterior home business, and lucky for you, Rhino Shield has a quality product that can refresh the color, add...
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Small Business Saturday

Tis' the season of holiday parties, pretty lights, endless amounts of delicious food, and shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. Weather it's for decorations, Secret Santa, or gifts for family and friends, it seems like the lists are never ending....
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Halloween Haunted Houses

It's the spookiest time of year! There's a crispness in the air, and the smell of bonfire and burnt leaves is in full effect. The candy aisle is filled with nothing but emptiness, and kids all across the United States...
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The Blue Porch Ceiling Tradition

There's nothing quite like sitting on a front porch at daybreak, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying a beautiful morning. The sound of birds chirping, with a cool breeze in the air is nothing short of perfection. And neither...
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