Commercial Painting & Coating Contractor Services in Hilton Head, SC

When running a successful business in Hilton Head, you need options that work with your needs rather than create more of them. Traditional paint demands expensive repaints every three to five years with upkeep from you in between that time. At Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings, we offer an effective solution to the repainting cycle with reliable products that will bolster your commercial property while remaining attractive for 25 years. Our painting contractors can help you decide if Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings is right for your building. Whether you choose a protective coating or traditional paint, we’ll provide expectation commercial painting to your exterior in Hilton Head.
Why choose Rhino Shield?

Benefits of Rhino Shield

Save On Repainting Every 3-5 Years

Less hassle, and easier to maintain overall. Helps with wood repairs, sealing, and caulking.

Less Growth and Dirt Over Time

Less biological dirt and growth makes it easier to clean your house and keep it clean over time.

No More Struggling to Match Old Colors

We can match any exterior paint color! Visit our paint visualizer to see.

Professional Commercial Painting

Every installation we perform in Hilton Head involves a comprehensive process. To begin, we’ll evaluate your property for damages and prep for application. Damage we discover during that inspection will be repaired by our commercial painting contractors before we address the surface. Next, we sand, scrape, caulk and tape in anticipation of primer. We offer a variety of primers to best match your Hilton Head building. Our painters quickly apply the final coat of after the primer. Touch ups are done while we pick up any mess we made. We’ll do one last inspection to ensure our coating successfully bonded to your commercial exterior in Hilton Head.

Superior Paint Solutions for Hilton Head

One of the best things about our exterior coatings are the wide range of benefits you won’t get with conventional paint. The multilayered formula is EPA certified, lead-free, and designed to be non-toxic for the health of everyone that visits your commercial location in Hilton Head. Ceramic microspheres reflect UV rays that lead to fading in lesser exterior options. Once we’ve finished your house painting, the mildewcide and algaecide additive resist biological growths such as mold that typically require cleaning from you and your staff. This is only a start to advantages Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings does for you in Hilton Head.

Hilton Head’s Experienced Painters

Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings is an investment, and you want the peace of mind that your money is going to good use. Other commercial painting contractors talk a big game but can’t back it up with their final results. Our contractors have over 16 years of experience of professional painting services in Hilton Head. We’ll bring the ethic to every commercial location including churches and historic buildings were highly-skilled work is crucial.

Contact Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings Today!

When you want to invest in a paint coating that offers lasting protection, look no further than Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings. We’re locally owned, with over 16 years serving Georgia and areas of Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. When you need Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings for your commercial building in Charleston, our painting contractors can get you started with a free estimate today. Contact Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings for a protective paint coating that you can rely on for 25 years!