Wintry Mix Damages Your Home's Exterior Siding

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on February 17, 2015

Wintry Mix. That’s the surprise package of gusting winds, rain, snow, sleet, ice and slush that suddenly descends on Atlanta and North Georgia when blasts of arctic winter air collide with the South’s early spring, seriously damaging your home’s exterior siding, especially wood siding, of which so many older homes in the South are made.

Your home’s exterior has been relaxing in the first warming sunlight of spring. But then cold rain blows into the exposed areas of the wood where your home’s exterior siding paint has cracked, chipped or peeled. When that rain ices, it expands rapidly, damaging the painted exterior and various substrates. As Atlanta’s weather warms again quickly before all the rain can fully dry off before the next invasion, mold and mildew build up in crevices left behind. Wood rot sets in.  Metal substrates rust.Repairing the damage to exposed exterior siding can cost a fortune. It’s best to be pro-active and weatherize your home investment now.

Rhino Shield ceramic coating beats any exterior paint as the best option to guard your home’s exterior siding. A team of our qualified experts will come to your home, repair the underlying damage, and then apply our beautiful and durable ceramic coating in a two-step process that will bond the ceramic coating tightly to your home’s siding, and cover it with a layer of elastomeric ceramic protection that is many times thicker than average house paint.

Rhino Shield’s ceramic microbeads bond together tightly to fend off the weather. The elastomeric properties of our ceramic coating bend and stretch as your home’s exterior expands and contracts with changing weather. And for those dear old Georgia homes, anti-mildew and anti-fungal ingredients in our coating’s thick emulsion to kill mold and protect your wood siding to preserve your home for many more years to come.We are so sure of our product that it comes with a 25 year transferable warranty against cracking, peeling, or chipping.  Don’t wait until there is more damage. Protect your home exterior siding now. We can get the process started this week.