Winter Weather-Proofing Your Home Exterior

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on January 17, 2015

While you are warm and comfortable indoors during the winter, your home’s exterior is taking a beating. That’s why you need our ‘tough as a rhino’s hide’ durable Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating for your home. In Georgia and South Carolina winter weather puts great strain on the exterior of the home as it expands and contracts in response to almost daily swings of warm weather that can suddenly take a nose-dive into frigid temps.

Our homes also endure bouts what seems like endless cold rain  – and occasional snow and ice storms – that batter the home’s exterior. In Tennessee, snow builds up, ice cakes on, salt has to be used to remove it. These harsh conditions dig into the surface of your home’s exterior. When spring temps thaw it all out, water seeps into any stress fractures the home’s exterior may have experienced from the old. Simple acrylic paint is hardly a defense against this.But our Rhino Shield eslastomeric ceramic coating is not paint. It’s made of tiny ceramic beads that roll into place together to adhere much tighter than flat acrylic flakes.

We start with a primer and finish with the ceramic coating in any of 1,500 colors that leaves a protective coating on your home’s exterior 8-10 times thicker than standard paint. It keeps out the rain and snow, has UV protectors to keep its color against sunshine, and has mildewcides and fungicides to kill any waterborne contaminants that might attack the substrate. The elastomeric ‘elastic’ quality of the finish allows it to bend and stretch as the home responds to the expansion and contraction of weathering.

Plus, our Rhino Shield elesatomeric ceramic coating comes with a 25 year warranty against peeling, chipping and cracking. It’s a win-win-win situation.Call us at 877-678-2054 or 678-205-4500 in the Metro Atlanta area to learn how we can protect your home. While you’re at it, please schedule your FREE at-home written estimate today. You can rest assured knowing that your property investment is protected with Rhino Shield.