What Does Bonded Coating Mean?

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on November 14, 2013

Rhino Shield is not paint, but a much more durable ceramic bonded coating. Yet what does bonded coating mean?

In technological terms, it means a finish or protective layer that adheres tightly to a surface. This occurs because of the tight cohesion between particles that make up the coating. Rhino shield ceramic coating uses microsphere nanotechnology originally developed by NASA to create particles that are tiny, rigid, ceramic globules – not latex paint – that cling together tightly to form a strong bond on almost any surface.

At Georgia Coatings, we’re so sure of the power of this ceramic bonded coating that we have offer a 25 year transferable guarantee!

In practical terms, what does this mean for you? Ceramic bonded coating means better adhesion. Your investment will stay on longer, and be less resistant to chipping, cracking, peeling or turning color. It also means low thermal conductivity and less expensive heating and cooling bills. The ceramic spheres reflect harmful solar rays off the surface. In addition, this tightly bonded coating acts as a sound-proofer to make the interior of a home, office or warehouse more acoustically pleasant.

Next time your property investment needs painting, don’t paint! Call Georgia Coatings for Rhino Shield ceramic bonded coating, and never paint again!