We're Featured In Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on March 19, 2015

We’re proud to be featured in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine with the following sponsored article. You can find Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine at more than 100 retail and professional locations throughout Atlanta, GA, or online at atlantahomeimprovement.com.

Local Expert: Rhino Shield

Q. What exactly is Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating? A. It is a durable, flexible, low maintenance wall coating. We use an acrylic-urethane, high-build formula that waterproofs, insulates and soundproofs your home. The innovative technology delivers a flexible – but tough – surface.

Q. Why should I use Rhino Shield ceramic coating versus just conventional paint? A. Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is not only non-toxic, but it’s also mold and mildew resistant. It is environmentally safe and boasts a Class A fire and smoke resistance rating. It can even lower your energy bills by reflecting UV Rays.

Q. What is the average estimated cost for Rhino Shield ceramic coating? A. Because home sizes and conditions vary so greatly, estimates do as well. Our crews perform repairs on the home before beginning any job. So while we will be more costly up front, in the long run our process increases your home’s value!

Q. Is Rhino Shield ceramic coating an asset when I sell my home? A. Definitely! Especially homes with Masonite or LP siding. So don’t forgetto mention it to your appraiser.

Q. What is included in Rhino Shield’s 25-year warranty and is it transferable if I sell my home? A. It is against chipping, peeling and cracking and is a fully transferable warranty. When your home is sold, the new owner can simply contact us and enjoy the warranty themselves!


Georgia Coatings, Inc. is a locally owned paint provider and coating service used throughout Georgia and parts of Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. Since 2001, Jeff and Roxanne Ecklund have partnered with Rhino Shield, which they acquired in 2006. They specialize in residential, commercial and church painting. When it comes time to make the choice on painting your home’s exterior, do not hesitate to contact this professional painting contractor. Their team is equipped to handle and answer all of your questions and concerns.This article is brought to you by Rhino Shield 678-205-4500