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Cedar Homes Bring Travelers to the Mountains

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Many times when we think of the mountains, we think of the crisp fall air, or the light snowfall of a cold December night. What we fail to realize is that summer months are prime time for mountain travel. With perfect weather, and endless outdoor activities, cabin fever can hit just about any time of year!

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on several gorgeous rustic mountain homes, freshening up or revamping their entire exterior. We’ve done this all while protecting the homes from frigid winter temperatures and outside elements that eat away at ordinary paint products!

One of our proudest projects is this mountain cabin that went from drab to dreamy overnight! It’s original color was dark and worn, but the new cedar toned coating brought this cabin back to life. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery, we think that wrap around porch is the perfect place to spend an evening basking in the beauty of the night sky, or sharing a morning cup of coffee with family and friends.


It truly is amazing what a little color can do to a home. This dreary, worn down farmhouse appears to have doubled in size with its new white exterior. It’s cheerful, bright, and incredibly welcoming. And this look is guaranteed to last for the next twenty five years! Surrounded by acres of gorgeous land, this southern gem looks to be the perfect place for a peaceful weekend getaway. And lets face it, we all could use a break from the real world every once in a while.


The best way to escape reality? This shabby chic cottage. With a touch of New England flare, this mountain home is truly unique, standing out amongst its neighbors. Its fresh new coating gave this home the splash of color it desperately needed to make a name for itself. And boy, did it do just that! Its warm undertones and charming style takes us back to the comfort of our childhood, when times were different, and life was a little bit more magical. This whimsical cottage is truly the perfect place to spend an evening outside, chasing the glow of firefly lights at dusk.


This mountain home revampted its outdated exterior with a fresh updated cedar coating that’s durable, long lasting, and has become extremely popular in recent years. This cabin looks brand new, and makes a statement even from a mile away! With beautiful curb appeal, and fantastic mountain views, who would ever want to leave?


From Blue Ridge to Blood Mountain, and Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge, the North Georgia and Tennessee Mountain areas are a perfect place to plan your upcoming summer vacation. With endless trails, and countless activities including white water rafting, horseback riding, and lazy river rentals, you’ll never run out of things to do. We could all stand to put down our phones, and reconnect with each other, and the beautiful outdoors.

For those of you who already call the mountains home, or have a vacation home nearby, Rhino Shield has everything you need to protect your home from outside elements that tend to eat through and destroy regular paint products. If you’re in need of a fresh or updated exterior, Rhino Shield is here to help! We won’t let you down.

Ceramic Coating For Tennessee Log Cabins And Cedar Homes

Monday, June 22nd, 2015


Among the beautiful mountains of Tennessee are dwellings that present a special challenge for our Tennessee affiliate: log cabins and cedar homes. Ernie Jones of the Knoxville office explains that these porous wood sidings rapidly become weather-worn and faded. They must be re-stained approximately every three years. However, with Rhino Shield ceramic coating, he says, “It’s one and done.”

If you were to use standard acrylic paint on such a surface, he explains, it would peel off because of the oils and chemicals used to pre-treat the wood, plus countless applications of stain treatments. But the Rhino Shield process starts with pressure washing and an extra step to seal in those oils and chemicals.

Your Rhino Shield professionals can also make repairs to the siding before applying our special adhesive primer. This primer is a double-binding adhesive, adhering tightly to the wood as well as binding permanently to the ceramic coating top layer that is applied as a final step.

Regular paint would come right off, Jones says, but Rhino Shield is a permanent solution. It comes with a 25 year warranty, but Jones remarks confidently that the coating could really last as long as 40 years. It’s a permanent solution to the mountain home owner’s ‘every-three-years’ headache.

Our Rhino Shield office in Knoxville serves all of east Tennessee, including Chattanooga. They are also part of the Tennessee Self Storage Association, providing near-permanent ceramic coating solutions for the area’s metal storage units, which are high maintenance buildings. But not to worry – Rhino Shield does the job like a champ.

For more information about Rhino Shield service in Tennessee, call 877-678-2054.