Stucco Coating Made Easy

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on September 8, 2013

Stucco coating presents some of the greatest challenges to exterior painting. The surface can be extremely rough and difficult to paint evenly. Worse yet is the cracking and chipping that occurs from structural settling. Moisture gets into these cracks, creating an environment for mildew, fungus, algae, mold and wood rot. It also further undermines the integrity of the stucco finish. Sometimes large portions of stucco loosen and fall off.  

Rhino Shield has the ultimate repair for stucco coating, with a 25 year guarantee! It all starts with careful inspection, pressure washing to remove accumulated dirt, mildew and  mold, replacement of damaged areas, caulking as needed, and crack repair.

This intensive preparation is followed by our two-step coating process. The first coat is a sprayed adhesive primer that seals everything. It forms an elastomeric bond with the substrate. It moves with structural shifting, making it crack-proof and moisture-proof.

The second application of ceramic top coating goes on smooth and dries to a beautiful sheen. Rhino Shield ceramic coating is eight times thicker than ordinary paint, for better insulation and durability. It contains mildewcides and algaecides to kill anything that might try to make it’s way to your foundations. Also, our ceramic coating waterproofs, soundproofs, insulates, and reflects sunlight and UV rays – saving you money on power bills.

Your new stucco coating is durable, waterproof, has a 25 year guarantee, and will look beautiful for years to come!