Save Money Four Ways With Rhino Shield

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on December 11, 2014

There is no doubt that Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating is a wise choice for your home’s exterior. Here’s how Rhino Shield saves you money:Most paints last only 8 years or so before fading and decomposing. With Rhino Shield ceramic coating, you won’t have to paint for another 25 years at least. Think of the savings! This is backed by a 25 year warranty against cracking or peeling. It’s elastomeric stretching properties allow the coating to bend in response to settling and the normal expansion and contraction of the substrate due to weather.

That keeps it from cracking apart. Built in color protectectants keep the colors fresh year after year.Our ceramic coating goes on 8-9 times thicker than regular paint, helping to keep outside temperatures from affecting inside comfort. It also contains UV resistance that deflects the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Save on heating and cooling bills.In addition, built in mildewcides and fungicides keep your home’s exterior surface from building the ‘green grunge’ that typically accumulates on the sides of homes, especially in wooded areas.

Save money on routine pressure washing.Finally, our Rhino Shield elastomeric exterior ceramic coating stays beautiful, and the 25 year warranty is transferable. Both increase your home’s resale value.