Rust? We've Got You Covered With Rhino Rust Bond

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on August 25, 2014

Trying to paint over rust can be tricky. It’s not a solid surface anymore. Over time air and moisture break down elements in iron and iron alloy metals such as steel. The chemical reaction creates that reddish iron oxide that separates from the rest of the underlying metal, peeling away and flaking off.

The surface is no longer a solid one. When you paint over rust, the coating should be one that can lay over it thickly to create a smooth finish. Rhino Shield’s Rhino Rust Bond give you smooth, unified results that bring back the original beauty.

Rhino Rust Bond adheres tightly to corrosion, sealing it permanently before the application of any color coating.  It penetrates and reinforces with a strong two-part system of epoxy application.

When you paint over rust, the underlying metal is still vulnerable to further rusting underneath unless you use Rhino Rust Bond. It contains a rust inhibitor to stop further corrosion. We’ve got you covered from all angles.

Although Rhino Rust Bond has a great reputation for industrial use, the same can be used at home. Apply it to metal pipes and posts in your basement or garage, to exterior metal walls and corrugated roofs, and to wrought iron fencing for a beautiful new look.

Rhino Rust Bond is cost-effective and non-toxic. Call Georgia Coatings at 678-205-4500 to learn more.