Rhino Shield Your Home Today with Zero Percent Financing!

Written by rhinoshieldga on October 25, 2011

Here at Rhino Shield of Georgia, we know that the look and integrity of your home is very important to you. But with these rocky economic times that we’re facing, we understand there seems to be more and more of a need these days to tighten the purse strings and cut back on spending in certain areas when we can. For this reason, Rhino Shield of Georgia offers zero percent financing for five years upon approval on an entire Exterior Coating Job!  

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the long-lasting superior protection of Rhino Shield. Not only is it fade resistant, durable and weatherproof, but it last for over two decades! Talk about a supreme Value!

For more information about financing or to request a free estimate, contact Rhino Shield of Georgia today at 678.205.4500