Rhino Shield Roof Coating Has You Covered

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on October 14, 2014

At Georgia Coatings, we take great pride in our premier product – our exterior elastomeric ceramic coating  – that insulates and protects and withstands the test of time like a champ. We’ve got your roof covered, too, in many cases, with our specialized rooftop coating products. It’s like having an extra umbrella of weathering protection.

For metal roof top coating, we start with Rhino Shield Red Iron Oxide protective primer for steel, aluminum and galvanized metal roofs.it creates a confident rust barrier.

For Part Two of the metal roofing process, or Part 1 of any other roofing process, we spray on a roof coating of lustrous top coat of Durable Finish Cote elastomeric ceramic coating that comes in over a thousand colors and protects in all extremes of climates. It creates a strong, rubbery barrier that insulates, protects and blocks out ultraviolet rays to help keep the roof cool. An added advantage is the addition of mildewcides in the coating base to keep the roof looking like new all the time.

For typical asphalt roofing, tiles or log cabin roofs, our Rhino Clear  Protective Waterproofing Sealer provides a beautiful protective barrier against the elements. It waterproofs and protects against molds, mildews and algae. This option comes in clear or glossy, or rich semi-transparent tints such as Honey.

Then there is Super Shield Roof One Coat – withe the same elastomeric ceramic coating, insulation, moisture protection and mildewcides – but in a single coat which is especially ideal for sloping roofs.  This is an excellent alternative to re-roofing!

Super Shield Roof One Coat bonds and seals tightly to concrete, asphalt,  primed metal, tile, bonded gravel roofing, bitumen, slate, aluminum and other materials, and comes with a 10 year warranty.

For flat roofs that have the particular problem of rainwater that collects in pools, you need the superior moisture protection of Super Shield Flat Roof System.

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