Rhino Shield Elastomeric Wall Coating Bridges Cracks

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on May 2, 2014

The benefits of Rhino Shield’s elastomeric wall coating far outweigh those of traditional house paint, espcially for homes constructed of masonry, concrete and stucco.

According to the Paint Quality Insititute, “Elastomeric wall coatings are designed for exterior masonry surfaces like concrete, stucco and concrete block. They are generally acrylic latex [based] …  designed to be applied in very thick films (about 10 times as thick as  regular paints); they are tough and flexible, and stretch as cracks  underneath open and close, thus bridging the cracks and keeping water  out while maintaining a nice appearance. These coatings are called EWCs  for short.”

“The crack bridging capability is related to  film thickness. It is essential that water not be allowed behind  the EWC, so all caulking must be in good shape, chimneys must have rain  caps, wall tops must be water proof, etc. …  Use of elastomeric wall coatings over masonry in Florida coastal areas has become commonly  done.”

Rhino Shield ceramic coating’s elastomeric properties are ideal for the stress cracking and rain damage of Georgia weather, which can range from zero to the 100s in temperature.