Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating vs Wall Paint

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on December 26, 2013

Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating makes a superior product than mere wall paint.

Have you ever looked at regular latex wall paint? It’s runny, and when it dries, it can be peeled right off because it is essentially a thin layer of plastic. Latex wall paint consists of 60% water, ‘plasticizer’ and color pigment.

But Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is in a completely different category. it contains only 21% water, more saturated color pigment, and a whopping 46% elastomeric polymer ceramic beads for a thick, smooth, tight finish. It even includes mildewcides, fungicides and additives to kill mold and algae.

When it’s time to repaint, call Georgia Coatings first for a free estimate to protect your home or property investment with Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating.