Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating House Paint Fights Fights Snow Damage

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on February 11, 2015

It’s around 50 degrees and sunny at our satellite office in Knoxville, Tennessee this week, and delightful weather at our Asheville, North Carolina office, too. The first signs of Spring are here! But during the winter, Asheville and Knoxville get snow – not a lot – but enough to seep into home foundations and siding as the spring thaw begins and the snow begins to melt.

Frigid temps have caused home exteriors and housing fixtures such as wrought iron trim to shrink and become brittle during the winter. They may even crack and split. Wrought iron and other metals will rust.

Then water from snow runoff gets into these cracks, crevices and weakened metals, and can ruin a home by:

  • destroying the home’s outer materials
  • getting into the home’s foundation and wood structure, causing warping, bulging, cracking or splitting
  • causing mold and mildew to grow within the structure, this mold may even spread to interior walls where it can become a toxic health issue

Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating house paint is the answer to all these problems. Rhino Shield ceramic coating house paint is made of ceramic microbeads that will not break down with water. It goes on thick. Our highly experienced exterior painters repair your foundation materials such as masonite with Hardi Plank, and apply a primer sealer that locks out water, yet allows the walls to breathe indoor vapors outward.

Then our exterior painters apply a second coat of ceramic coating house paint in your choice of any of 1,500 colors.The final result is a beautiful layer of protection around your home that is as much as 8 times thicker than regular house paint. Rhino Shield ceramic coating house paint comes with a 25 years transferrable warranty against cracking, chipping and peeling. This length of time is derived from weathering testing by the well-known independent laboratory, BASF, which has affirmed that Rhino Shield ceramic paint will endure for more than 25 years.

Once our professional exterior painters protect your home, you will never paint again.This is the time to take advantage of these sunny and mild days to weatherize your home for the next winter.