Painting Season For Painting Contractors

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on July 19, 2015

We are sometimes asked if our painting contractors have a particular season. Fall is our best season, when the heat finally gives us a break and the air is crisp with a little breeze that helps facilitate drying.Of course the weather is a factor year-round, but we have ways to work through most of it. During wet seasons such as Spring, our Rhino Shield ceramic coating will take longer to dry, so we expect delays.In Winter our painting contractors work with the sun during the warmest time of the day as it moves to different sides of the home. We also depend on the warmth of the heated house. Rhino Shield ceramic coating goes on best during Fall and Winter months.

However, we sometimes cannot coat on days when the weather is lower than 45 degrees and cloudy.Summer has a different problem. Some sidings expand with the heat. Although Rhino Shield is elastomeric and can stretch with the siding, if it is applied during that hot ‘expanded’ phase the coating will appear uneven when the siding contracts again. Or the coating may dry too fast as it is being applied. Painters may refer to this streaked appearance as flashing. Our professional painting contractors work in the coolest parts of the day to avoid such issues.