Origins of Ceramic Coating

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on April 16, 2014

Rhino Shield ceramic wall and roof coating is a durable combination of tiny elastomeric polymer spheres mixed with urethane resins that combine into a tough yet flexible and breathable coating that adheres tightly to almost any surface.

Ceramic Coating is the result of  generations of scientists seeking a coating that would be stronger, smoother to lessen friction, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand extremes of temperature and water.

Organic polymer powder coatings go back to as early as the 1940s when German scientists sprayed it on metallic parts to cut down on friction. By the mid-1950s resin was introduced to turn the powder into a fluid coating, and the process was patented. Original uses have always been for abrasion and corrosion solutions. Since the 1960s ceramic coatings have been utilized heavily in the space program.

Why choose ceramic clay as a base for coating? Because as far back as 1st century Greece, builders used coatings of burned clay to insulate and provide extra protection. it had the additional property of mixing well with fats and dyes to provide durable color. Meanwhile, the clear substance we know as lacquer (a resinous coating made from insects) was being developed in the Indus Valley to protect the surface of special items that required much care.

In the 1950s German scientist Dr. Erwin Gemmer combined resin and ceramics to make a fluid coating that  could be applied to almost any surface. Prior to that, powdered ceramic coating could only be flame-sprayed, so its uses were limited only to high heat metals. This was a tremendous breakthrough.

Current uses for ceramic coatings are seen everyday on non-stick frying pans, in combustion chambers of high performance vehicles and jet engines, in machinery that is subject to a great deal of friction, and for automotive and industrial coatings that have a lasting finish, such as for pipes and towers, as well as missile nose cones and outer space equipment, and for biomedical implants.

Now your home can have the same durable coating as a space shuttle! Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating covers almost any surface, and protects your home from extremes of heat and cold, UV rays, water vapor and even noise to some degree. Our coating comes with a 25 year transferable warranty against cracking and chipping. You’ll never paint again.  

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