Old Home Restoration With Rhino Shield

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on December 27, 2014

Older homes are often family or community treasures. Age may not have been kind to them, though. The best restoration requires the best wall coating treatment, applied by professional application technicians, so treasured homes can be enjoyed for many years to come.Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating is not ‘paint.’ It is made of tiny ceramic beads in a minimal amount of liquid, making it less watery than acrylic paint. Drying time is faster, and the coating is 8-10 times thicker than paint, for maximum protection from weather. The tiny ceramic beads slide together tightly, yet have full independent flexibility, to give our wall coating great elasticity.

Older homes are especially susceptible to shifting and settling with changing seasons and subtle ground movement. Our elastomeric ceramic coating moves with the substrate (wood, metal, etc.) to keep it from cracking or peeling. This claim is backed up with a 25 year warranty.Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic wall coating provides even more protection. It’s waterproof, yet allows inside vapors. It provides UV and sun-damage proofing to keep the color from fading, and to keep heating and cooling bills lower.

It is Class A fire rated by BASF, an independent testing lab. And it also contains mildewcides and fungicides to keep rot and mold from building up. You never have to paint again, and you will probably never have to pressure wash again, either. Call us at 877-678-2054 or contact us through our website to learn how you can be protecting your older home today.