Keep Your Ceramic House Paint Looking New

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on September 28, 2013.

Although you will never have to paint again, regular maintenance of your exterior renovation work ‘seals the deal.’

Spring maintenance of your exterior ceramic house paint should include:

  • Re-caulking joints around the exterior of your home that have weathered and may be causing seepage into the coating.
  • Building up areas around the home where rain or runoff puddling occurs. Not only does this help to maintain a perfect finish, but it is vital to keep the foundation of your home dry so it does not crack.
  • Checking gutters and downspouts for leaks that can wear away at coated areas. Clean and replace guttering as needed.
  • Rhino Shield ceramic coating rarely ever needs cleaning. But when it does, be sure to use only water, or water mixed with trisodium phosphate (TSP), which is available at your local home or hardware store. This chemical will clean, degrease, and remove stains without discoloring the finish. Never use bleach!

Then stand back and enjoy the results. Your Rhino Shield ceramic house paint will look like new for as long as 25 years. What a sound investment!