Interior Ceramic Coating For A Lifetime

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on July 31, 2014

On average, home owners perform the aggravating task of painting the home’s interior once every 10 years. That’s because average interior paint scuffs, chips and gets dingy over time, making the entire room look worn out.  But our Rhino Shield Nature’s Cote interior ceramic coating makes that chore a thing of the past.

First of all, it comes in four sheens (matte, eggshell, satin, etc.) and can be tinted to any color. It’s high solid, bright titanium dioxide base keeps colors looking new and vibrant for year. Don’t have standard drywall? Not a problem! Nature’s Cote adheres well to unusual interior surfaces such as wood, brick, metal, concrete and plaster coating.

These with allergies need not worry. Nature’s Cote is Low Odor and Low VOC. We even have a Zero VOC formula! VOCs are ‘volatile organic compounds’ that escape as vapors through the wall. Formaldehyde is one, for example. These are not at toxic levels, but they linger and can accumulate in the home, compromising the health of those who are sensitive.

Just to let you know, Nature’s Cote is so safe that it is used in hospitals, where silver is added to the compound to make it antibacterial as well.

The safety of our Rhino Shield products is of great importance. Our Nature’s Cote has earned a Class A fire rating, indicating zero flame spread.  

The tiny ceramic microbeads that comprise our ceramic coating fit snugly against one another for a tight bond that is extremely smooth. Nature’s Cote is extremely durable, with an unusually smooth finish that resists stains and is very easy to clean. In lab tests, it endures an average of 262 scrubbings. Muddy dogs, greasy home mechanics and children armed with crayons are no match for it.

Lasting durability is another issue to consider.The greater thickness of ceramic coating as opposed to average paint (up to eight times thicker) helps to insulate the walls from noise and outside temperatures.  

Our final assurance is Rhino Shield’s 25 year guarantee. Let Georgia Coatings finish your interior walls with Nature’s Cote and you’ll never paint again – saving you time,  money and lots of aggravation. Call us at 678-205-4500 today for a free estimate.