How Did Rhino Shield Get its Name?

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on April 23, 2014

If you are considering adding Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating to your home, you may wonder, “How exactly did Rhino Shield get its name?” The founders of Rhino Shield started as home improvement contractors in the Florida Panhandle, a location well known for its extreme heat and humidity, frosty cold, torrential rain, and of course, hurricanes.

Over the years, they sold and applied many different paints and coatings, including national brand paints, and even proprietary coatings with long term warranties, but nothing was durable enough to withstand very long what Florida weather dished out.  Being conscientious contractors, this company went back and took care of their customers, fixing issues with the paints and coatings they applied as problems occurred. They hired a chemist to help determine if the problems were due to materials or their application.

The chemist could find no immediate fault in their methods. They were using reputable materials, using good surface preparation, and applying the product according to the manufacturers specifications. So the chemist broke down the paints and discovered that they were full of fillers such as clay, extenders, and vinyl. He reported his findings to the contractors.  After two, three, or four years, the fillers in these paints were degrading and causing problems.

The chemist suggested developing a coating with no fillers, less water and solids composed of only pigments and resins which would not break down. Ceramic microspheres were added to make the product glide on better, adhere better and be even more durable. Hence the name, Rhino Shield. It’s as tough as rhinoceros hide. Tough enough to protect your investment property from even the harsh Florida climate.

Rhino Shield ceramic coating is backed by a 25 year guarantee. You’ll never paint again. To learn more about this extraordinary product and how it can protect your home, call Rhino Shield at 678-205-4500 or use our convenient online contact form.