Home Prep

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on April 8, 2016

There’s a lot that goes into painting and coating the exterior of a home, and we take every measure possible to have it look the best it can by the end of the process. A fresh coat of paint in conjunction with the protection of the landscape around your home, will make for a finished product that has stellar curb appeal!Prior to starting a project, we provide our customers with a pamphlet on how to prep their home or business for our team, and below are some of the steps we find most important in the process.Most importantly, make sure all shrubbery has been trimmed back 1-2 feet from your house. We don’t want to accidentally coat your bushes, turning them a different color for the next twenty five years. You may not like that too much.

If you have any potted plants, it’s important to remove those from your porch, or deck as well. This includes hanging plants! We don’t want overspray ruining your pretty flowers.Anything on the exterior walls should be removed, along with breakable, fragile, or precious items on the interior walls of your home. This is crucial when doing wood repairs.Screens should be unlatched for pressure washing. Also, we ask that towels be laid down around doors and windows, weather they leak or not. It’s a precautionary step, and we’d rather be safe than sorry!We may at some point need the windows to be unlocked. We will coordinate this with you during the process.We will remove any downspouts to protect from overspray as well, unless they are on brick.We also remove shutters, unless your house is brick. We will never remove shutter caps or paint them. Those will be left untouched.Lastly, it is always important that you allow us access to outside electricity and water.

We know that there is a lot that goes into painting a home, and we understand that this can seem a little overwhelming at times, but we are here to answer any questions you have, and guide you through the process. Preparation is essential in bringing you the end product you envisioned, and we promise that the finished product will be worth it!