Heat Resistant Ceramic Coating

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on August 29, 2014

In the South, we go to all kinds of lengths to beat the summer heat.

Cut down on outrageous air conditioning bills by coating your home’s exterior with Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating.

Our ceramic coating goes on as much as 10 times thicker, to insulate and protect your home’s exterior. Most house paints are 60% water that evaporates and leaves nothing but a thin layer of color. Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating includes 46% elastomeric resins that adhere tightly to your home’s surfaces to create a sturdy barrier against intense summer heat.

Our ceramic coating is made of tiny smooth ceramic beads that pack more densely than regular paint flakes. They adhere together more tightly than paint to make a super-smooth protective barrier that reflects heat more efficiently. The wall surface temperature stays lower.

Rhino Shield ceramic coating also reflects UV rays.  

Our coating is guaranteed to last, with a 25 year transferable guarantee against chipping, cracking or peeling. You’ll never paint again.

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