February Testimonial

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on February 22, 2016

We are always excited to hear from our happy customers, and this month we received a letter from Martin and Marian of Brookhaven, Georgia praising the work of our team. We couldn’t be any more thrilled! This is what they had to say:

Dear Jeff,

Over the last several days we have had the pleasure of Mr. German Guevara and his crew installing out Rhino Shield product on our house in Brookhaven. Since it is a completely frame house the task was sizable and demanded a great deal of attention to small detail. We are pleased to say that the job was completed efficiently and very professionally by German and his crew.We will not hesitate to recommend the Rhino Shield process as well as the professionalism of German and his crew.We look forward to many years of enjoyment in our Rhino Shield house!

Thanks and best wishes to the Georgia Coatings team,

Martin and Marian