Fall Is Prime Time For Exterior House Paint Contractors

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on September 22, 2015

Finally there is a soft, cool breeze blowing away the relentless burning heat of late summer, and little hints of the beauty of the changing seasons. At Georgia Coatings, we look forward to this time for another reason as well: it’s prime time for applying exterior house paint.Not only is this the best weather for our Rhino Shield paint contractors to do their work comfortably and safely, but it is also the best time for the siding.

Homes expand and contract with extremes of weather changes. This moderate, dry weather relaxes your siding, making it the perfect canvas on which our paint contractors can work their magic.This gentle breeze is also perfect for drying and curing of our Rhino Shield exterior house paint. Once it’s on, the house can bend and stretch all it wants. Rhino Shield is elastomeric. That means it will bend and stretch, expand and contact as your home shifts and weathers — for the next 25 years. You will never have to paint again. Now is the time! Call us to schedule a free at-home estimate at 678-205-4500.