Elastomeric Coating Reduces Noise

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on April 11, 2013

Rhino Shield’s elastomeric coating helps reduce noise levels and deaden sound with ingredients that increase opacity and elasticity to creating a thicker, more resilient application.To put it simply, it behaves similar to rubber, in a way.

In addition, unlike simple latex paints, our elastomeric coating contains millions of tiny ceramic microspheres that break the sound waves and absorb them, creating an acoustic dampening effect. This is excellent for indoor applications in noisy areas such as load machine shops, or places where crowds gather, such as terminals, hospitals, churches, and performance venues where acoustic quality is essential.

Our ceramic elastomeric coating is thicker than regular paint, and applied in at least two coats, placing an effective sound barrier between you and noise in exterior applications as well. This can be applied to almost any surface. Think of it as a form of insulation. While latex paint is normally 60% water, ceramic microspheres and resins make up the core of our coatings, leaving room for only 21% water. It’s practically like putting a blanket on your walls!

Give us a call, or contact us through the website. We’ll be glad to tell you more. Rhino Shield lasts as long as 25 years, too. Chances are, you may never paint again!