Don't Forget The Trim

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on January 8, 2015

Rhino Shield’s elsatomeric ceramic coating does more than enhance your home’s exterior walls. It also covers, seals and beautifies your home’s doors and shutters, awnings, porches, gutters and downspouts – even certain types of roofing.Our ceramic coating covers wood, stucco, metal, tile, vinyl siding, Hardi Plank and concrete block with ease.

The coating applies 8 – 10 times thicker than regular acrylic paint for a finish that lasts and is UV ray resistant – the color doesn’t fade. What a relief it is to know you’ll never have to paint again. Rhino Shield’s elastomeric properties allow the coating to bend as age and weather affect your home, for perfect beauty year after year. There is no cracking, peeling or chipping. This is backed up with a 25 year transferable warranty!Call Georgia Coating at 877-678-2054 to schedule your FREE at-home estimate today.