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Home Prep

Friday, April 8th, 2016

There’s a lot that goes into painting and coating the exterior of a home, and we take every measure possible to have it look the best it can by the end of the process. A fresh coat of paint in conjunction with the protection of the landscape around your home, will make for a finished product that has stellar curb appeal!

Prior to starting a project, we provide our customers with a pamphlet on how to prep their home or business for our team, and below are some of the steps we find most important in the process.

Most importantly, make sure all shrubbery has been trimmed back 1-2 feet from your house. We don’t want to accidentally coat your bushes, turning them a different color for the next twenty five years. You may not like that too much.


If you have any potted plants, it’s important to remove those from your porch, or deck as well. This includes hanging plants! We don’t want overspray ruining your pretty flowers.

Anything on the exterior walls should be removed, along with breakable, fragile, or precious items on the interior walls of your home. This is crucial when doing wood repairs.

Screens should be unlatched for pressure washing. Also, we ask that towels be laid down around doors and windows, weather they leak or not. It’s a precautionary step, and we’d rather be safe than sorry!

We may at some point need the windows to be unlocked. We will coordinate this with you during the process.

We will remove any downspouts to protect from overspray as well, unless they are on brick.

We also remove shutters, unless your house is brick. We will never remove shutter caps or paint them. Those will be left untouched.

Lastly, it is always important that you allow us access to outside electricity and water.


We know that there is a lot that goes into painting a home, and we understand that this can seem a little overwhelming at times, but we are here to answer any questions you have, and guide you through the process. Preparation is essential in bringing you the end product you envisioned, and we promise that the finished product will be worth it!

Tell Us What You Think

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

benefitsWe’re excited to be winning advertising awards and to be gaining community recognition. But our greatest reward is the satisfaction of our customers for a job well done.

We’d like to hear from you. What can we do to help you make the decision to invest in our Rhino Shield ceramic coating instead of acrylic paint or vinyl siding for your house siding options?

Rhino Shield comes with a 25 year warranty. Normally, regular acrylic paint must be applied every three to five years. So Rhino Shield is well worth the investment when you are looking at house siding options. You never paint again!

First we pressure wash your home and make repairs to the substrate, followed by taping windows and trim, and putting protective sheeting over the plants. Then we apply a primer sealer coating that blocks UV rays, protects against water, and has anti-mold and mildew ingredients.

After this dries properly, we apply the color coat of Rhino Shield ceramic coating, which is made of tiny microbeads. These microbeads help protect your house siding from hot sun, wind and rain, and cold weather. It also has elastomeric properties — that means the coating is pliable, able to bend, expand and contract as the house settles over the years and as weathering causes siding to expand and contract.

Ask us more. Let us know what we can tell you about house siding options to give you all the knowledge you need to make the best decision.

Painting Season For Painting Contractors

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

run We are sometimes asked if our painting contractors have a particular season. Fall is our best season, when the heat finally gives us a break and the air is crisp with a little breeze that helps facilitate drying.

Of course the weather is a factor year-round, but we have ways to work through most of it. During wet seasons such as Spring, our Rhino Shield ceramic coating will take longer to dry, so we expect delays.

In Winter our painting contractors work with the sun during the warmest time of the day as it moves to different sides of the home. We also depend on the warmth of the heated house. Rhino Shield ceramic coating goes on best during Fall and Winter months. However, we sometimes cannot coat on days when the weather is lower than 45 degrees and cloudy.

Summer has a different problem. Some sidings expand with the heat. Although Rhino Shield is elastomeric and can stretch with the siding, if it is applied during that hot ‘expanded’ phase the coating will appear uneven when the siding contracts again. Or the coating may dry too fast as it is being applied. Painters may refer to this streaked appearance as flashing. Our professional painting contractors work in the coolest parts of the day to avoid such issues.

What Happens During An Estimate?

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

1-house-painter When you are thinking about house painting, call Georgia Coatings for a free home estimate. One of our professional representatives will come to your home or investment property for a careful analysis. Ideally, all the homeowners should be at this appointment to voice any concerns or questions.

Rhinos Shield is not the traditional latex emulsion used for house painting. It is a durable ceramic coating paint that is applied along with a primer sealer and fungicides to protect against mold and mildew. As a result, a lot more goes into our quotes than a simple ‘guess-timate’ based on square footage to be painted.

Our representative will survey your home exterior from every side as you accompany him. There are a lot of questions to be asked and answered by both the representative and the homeowners. This is why it is so important to have all the owners present. Each person has a different perspective and concerns about house painting.

When it comes to repairs that need to be made to the surface before the ceramic coating paint can be applied, we provide a separate quote. This gives homeowners  the option to choose Georgia Coatings or another contractor — or even tackle the repairs themselves. However, all our crews are equipped to make necessary repairs before applying the coatings. They know their job and they do it well.

Our crews are seasoned professionals who work efficiently. An average home takes only three to five days to complete, allowing time for the primer sealer to dry thoroughly before applying the color coat. Larger homes may take up to seven days. The finished product will be beautiful!

Bear in mind that rain and other bad weather will slow down the coating process. So if you have big plans coming up, we recommend that you schedule our work far enough in advance to take delays into consideration. You can always call us at 877-678-2054 for more information.



Ceramic Coating For Tennessee Log Cabins And Cedar Homes

Monday, June 22nd, 2015


Among the beautiful mountains of Tennessee are dwellings that present a special challenge for our Tennessee affiliate: log cabins and cedar homes. Ernie Jones of the Knoxville office explains that these porous wood sidings rapidly become weather-worn and faded. They must be re-stained approximately every three years. However, with Rhino Shield ceramic coating, he says, “It’s one and done.”

If you were to use standard acrylic paint on such a surface, he explains, it would peel off because of the oils and chemicals used to pre-treat the wood, plus countless applications of stain treatments. But the Rhino Shield process starts with pressure washing and an extra step to seal in those oils and chemicals.

Your Rhino Shield professionals can also make repairs to the siding before applying our special adhesive primer. This primer is a double-binding adhesive, adhering tightly to the wood as well as binding permanently to the ceramic coating top layer that is applied as a final step.

Regular paint would come right off, Jones says, but Rhino Shield is a permanent solution. It comes with a 25 year warranty, but Jones remarks confidently that the coating could really last as long as 40 years. It’s a permanent solution to the mountain home owner’s ‘every-three-years’ headache.

Our Rhino Shield office in Knoxville serves all of east Tennessee, including Chattanooga. They are also part of the Tennessee Self Storage Association, providing near-permanent ceramic coating solutions for the area’s metal storage units, which are high maintenance buildings. But not to worry – Rhino Shield does the job like a champ.

For more information about Rhino Shield service in Tennessee, call 877-678-2054.

Rhino Shield Never Takes A Holiday

Friday, April 10th, 2015

family-at-beach1 While you and your family are out enjoying Spring Break vacations, rest assured that Rhino Shield ceramic paint coating is still on the job, protecting your home’s exterior. And if you don’t yet have Rhino Shield protection, now is the best time to schedule our painting services.

With offices covering Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Hilton Head, South Carolina; Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Asheville, North Carolina, our experienced Georgia Coatings technicians schedule quality painting services for you just about anywhere in the South.

We use only Rhino Shield ceramic paint coating to give you absolutely the best home exterior coverage. It works on almost any surface, including Hardy Plank and metals, and comes with a 25 year transferable warranty.

Our painting services include free at-home estimates, prepping and some basic repair such as caulking, primer coating, top coating in any or some 1,500 colors, and then careful cleanup. Your home will look like new in less than a week, and be ready to face sunny summers, moldy falls and freezing winters.

While you are relaxing on break, this is a great time to pick up the phone and call us for a Rhino Shield ceramic paint coating estimate.

How To Prepare for External Ceramic Coating

Friday, December 5th, 2014


It would be nice if home exteriors could simply be painted over like interior walls, but that’s not the case. The outside walls take a beating from high winds, rain, broiling sun, snow and ice, hail, mold and mildew, plus the occasional accident to trim, gutters or garage doors. Results are broken or warped boards, microbial infestation, rot, peeling and chipping and other unsightly damage.

At Georgia Coatings, we know that a beautiful outcome first depends on a perfect foundation. Our highly experienced team of technicians pamper your home to perfection before ever applying the coating. The first step is a high pressure power wash to remove dirt and loose paint. Then the walls are carefully inspected to look for weak spots. Boards are replaced. Holes, dents and seams around windows and doors are filled in with caulking. Next, the old paint is scraped off to provide perfect adhesion for the sealer primer coating to come. Masking tape is put around the painting areas, and then the primer is applied. Once dry, a second application, this time with Rhino Shield ceramic coating in your choice of 1,500 colors goes on. Voila! Your home has become a beautiful masterpiece. And it comes with a 25 year warranty.

Call us today at 877-678-2054 for your FREE estimate.

Still Time To Spruce Up Your Home For The Holidays

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Although the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are fast approaching, you still have time to make the exterior of your home picture-perfect with our Rhino Shield ceramic coating.

It’s not paint, which is simply a watery-based acrylic application of color. Ceramic coating goes on nearly 10 times thicker. It contains tiny ceramic spheres that compact tightly to form a bond as tough as a rhino’s hide to block out moisture and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. It includes chemicals that kill fungus, mold and mildew, so the underlying wood doesn’t rot.

What’s more, our ceramic coating is elastomeric, able to bend and stretch with the normal expansion and contraction caused by hot and cold weather. It moves with the subtle twisting that occurs as a house settles, keeping the finish from cracking and peeling. Rhino Shield is so sure of this product that it comes with a 25 year transferable warranty.

And color? Name it! We have 1,500 shades to choose from. Ceramic coating dries to a beautiful, sleek finish that gleams. Clean-up is easy, too. Just use a little soap and water.

One would expect that such a powerfully protective coating might take a long time to apply. No so! Georgia Coatings has fantastic teams of expert technicians who spray wash, make minor substrate repairs and replace caulking, prep and tape, apply primer, let dry, then apply the top coat, let dry again, make a final checkup, and clean up like they were never there – all usually in just 3 to 5 days.  They’ll be courteous and efficient, and they won’t leave a mess.

There’s no need to put off improving your home until Spring. Make the exterior of your home look beautiful right now to create a welcoming presence for your holiday guests. Call us at 877-678-2054 to arrange for a FREE at home estimate.

Restore Your Home With Ceramic Coating Spray

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
Restore the beauty of your home with a beautiful exterior makeover using durable Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating spray.
Our process starts with a free on-site estimate by one of our highly experienced technicians. We’ll examine the exterior of your home, out buildings or other properties and give you an accurate written estimate.
Before applying the ceramic coating spray, we repair and fill in the larger areas that need attention and then apply an elastomeric primer that fills in the smaller gaps and imperfections. Our elastomeric coating is pliable to withstand the natural shifting plus expansion or contraction that buildings experience with weather variations, to maintain a solid seal of protection year-round. 
Finally, we apply our tough-as-a-rhino’s hide Rhino Shield ceramic coating spray for a beautiful finish that is in every way superior to standard latex paint. 
Standard house paints are composed of some 60% water and flecks of colored acrylic. Our ceramic coating is made of durable, tiny ceramic microbeads that roll into place against one another for a tightly bonded, many times thicker defense against:
  • Intense Prolonged Heat
  • Freezing Temperatures
  • High Winds
  • Heavy Rain and Storms
  • IceTropical Humidity
  • UV Sun Damage (Fading and Cracking)
  • Mold and Mildew
We even include a 25 year transferable warranty against chipping, cracking and fading. Coat your home with Rhino Shield and Never Paint Again! Call 678-205-4500 to get started now.

Request Georgia Coatings For Quality Paint Contracting

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

1-877-678-2054 today or use our convenient Contact page here on the website to schedule your free onsite review and estimate. You can’t go wrong with Georgia Coatings and Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating.