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You Have Choices for Exterior Siding Paint

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Is your siding fading? Are you tired of the current color of your home? Then, it’s time to paint your siding. Wondering how to paint your exterior siding? Here are some of the options to explore.

1. Best Paint for Vinyl Siding

If your exterior siding is made of vinyl, you may think that you can’t paint it, and in the past, that was unfortunately the case. However, through the years, paint manufacturers have developed paint that is specifically designed for use on vinyl siding. This paint tends to be made of a blend of urethane and acrylic resins, which helps the paint to adhere to the vinyl and resist fading.


2. Paint for Aluminum Siding

Metal is becoming an increasingly popular option for exterior siding, and if your siding is made of metal, you need special paint that can adhere to that. Unfortunately, paint for metal siding often has limited colors, and you need to do extensive prep work to ensure the paint sticks well to the metal.


3. The Right Paint for Wood Siding

The great news about wood siding is that it tends to be the easiest type of external siding to paint. You can paint wood siding almost any color, and you can use either latex or oil-based paints. If you like, you can even opt to skip the paint and just use stain, a wood finish, and a sealant.


4. Paint for Fiberglass Siding

If you have fiberglass siding, you generally need to repaint on a regular basis. While the color of vinyl siding is integrated into the actual vinyl, the color of fiberglass siding is only on the outside layer, and it tends to chip and flake frequently. On a periodic basis, you may need to apply a primer designed for use with fiberglass, and then, you can paint the fiberglass your desired color.


5. Paint for Brick Siding

With brick siding, you need to use porous paint. That allows the brick to breathe through the paint, which can be essential to preventing damage and safeguarding the lifespan of your brick work. Depending on the color you choose for your home, you may also need to use a primer to ensure the brick color doesn’t bleed through the paint.


6. Paint Tips for Stucco Siding

Many people like to let the natural color of the stucco shine through, but in some cases, paint can be essential to revitalize the color of the stucco. To paint stucco exterior siding, you often need to start by repairing broken stucco, and then, you can follow that up with a coat of paint. Note, however, that stucco absorbs a lot of paint, and you need to plan accordingly.


7. Best Paint for All Exterior Siding

Rather than using multiple types of paint on your home, consider choosing a product like Rhino Shield. More than just exterior paint, Rhino Shield is an innovative coating that adds color as well as fire resistance, protection from mold and mildew, and insulation to your home. This exterior siding paint is non-toxic, and it has low VOCs. Best of all, it’s guaranteed not to fade or chip for 25 years, and it comes with a 25-year warranty.


If you want an exterior paint that can work on a wide range of exterior sidings, you need Rhino Shield. Contact us today to learn more about our products and why Rhino Shield is better than other exterior paint options.

How Rhino Shield Paints Siding for House Renovations

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Tired of your home’s color? Does the siding for your house look old? If so, it may be time for repainting. To get a color that lasts the test of time, consider Rhino Shield. Here’s how this innovative exterior paint works on siding.


Paint That Works on Siding

Siding can be challenging to paint. In fact, many people think that it’s impossible to paint vinyl siding. Luckily, that is not the case. You just need to find the right paint. Rhino Shield is perfect. This special exterior paint works on almost any material including wood, vinyl, metal, and even brick. Of course, it works perfect on all siding for houses as well.


The Perfect Color

You may think that if you have to purchase special exterior paint to go on your home’s siding that you won’t be able to find the color you want. Luckily, with Rhino Shield, that is not the case. You can get exactly the color you want. To get an idea of the possible colors, look at our color palette.


The Right Preparation

Once you’re armed with the right paint, you need to prep the area. At Rhino Shield, whether you want to paint your home’s siding or anything else, we always use a multi-stepped process, that starts with prep work.

Usually, we start by looking over the home for any necessary repair issues. For instance, if your siding is falling away from your house, we reattach it. Then, we clean the siding. If you hire painting contractors who don’t clean the exterior, the paint traps in anything that’s on your home. That can include mold or mildew that may eventually ruin your paint or stains that may bleed through. We ensure that doesn’t happen.


Priming the Siding for House Renovations

Once the surface is ready, our painting contractors decide if your home needs primer. Usually, it’s not necessary, but it depends on the current color of your siding and the new color that you want. For instance, if you’re going from a very dark color to a light color, we may suggest a layer of primer.


A Protective Shield for Your Siding

As you will see once the paint has been applied to your home’s siding, Rhino Shield is more than ordinary paint. This paint is tested for salt tolerance. You don’t have to worry about the salty air breaking down or pock marking your siding. Additionally, Rhino Shield is a ceramic coating. It has lower thermal-conductivity than the materials used in traditional paint, which is just one of the reasons that this type of paint helps to fight against fires. In fact, if you live in an area prone to wildfires, you may even be able to get a discount on your home insurance when you use Rhino Shield to reinforce your siding.


Once our painting contractors have finished applying the exterior paint to your home’s siding, you can sit back and relax. You don’t have to worry about painting again for quite a while. Rhino Shield comes with a transferable 25-year warranty. To learn more or to get a quote, contact us today.

Chattanooga Sidings and the Rhino Shield Difference

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Chattanooga, the fourth largest city in Tennessee, is known as the Scenic City. With beautiful mountain views, and picturesque scenery, it’s popular for its outdoor life and booming downtown area. It’s thriving, and people all across the United States are beginning to call the gorgeous city of Chattanooga home.

Chattanooga is one of our favorite cities here at Rhino Shield, and we’re pros when it comes to all the popular sidings within the region. This includes masonite siding, stucco, brick and hardie board.

Hardie Board

Hardie board has been around since we can remember, but its popularity comes and goes. Typically known for its low maintenance and long lasting durability, it can be found in just about any neighborhood in the Chattanooga area, including the one pictured below. This home’s siding was made up of every popular siding in the area including wood, lead paint, masonite, and hardie plank!

Most hardie board siding comes with a 50-year limited warranty. It is completely rot, fire, storm, and insect resistant. It even holds up well against the salt from the ocean. Color options are unlimited, so homeowners are able to be as traditional or as original as they please. If you’re not a fan of hardie board though, and prefer a different look, you still have several options.


Also popular within this area, is brick. Personally, we love the new trend of coating brick! You can’t go wrong with white. Even grey coatings on brick look fresh and up to date. Brick is incredibly low maintenance. It’s also weather resistant. There is no need to paint or perform the routine maintenance that is required by other sidings such as wood or vinyl.


Stucco is an incredible insulator for both warm and cool air. It’s energy efficient and will save you boatloads on your monthly electric bill. Not to mention, its smooth, traditional look is second to none. Creativity is endless with stucco siding, and its innovation can’t be beat.


Masonite siding, a lesser known but highly popular siding within the Chattanooga area, was first introduced for a low maintenance, low cost alternative to real wood siding. However, it’s durability fell short and it can no longer be found on the market. Here at Rhino Shield though, we’re willing to take on even the most difficult projects (for the most part), and that includes masonite!

So if you’re in the Chattanooga area and have any of the several sidings listed above on your home, or even ones that are not, give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you a quote for our long lasting coating that will give your home an amazing exterior for the next twenty five years or more!