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Rhino Shield Residential Ceramic Coatings Cover All

Thursday, June 26th, 2014
When it comes to house paint, Rhino Shield ceramic coating has got you covered from top to bottom.
Our Nature’s Cote interior ceramic coating is water based, low VOC, and made of tiny ceramic spheres that go on smoothly and evenly. Nature’s Cote comes in beautiful, rich colors, and is dirt-resistant, insulating, and has a Class ‘A’ fire rating. It goes on smoothly right over the old bathroom wallpaper, kitchen paneling or basement concrete. You can even paint the brick fireplace.
Outside, Georgia Coatings uses a two-step exterior painting method starting with Adhesive Primer Sealer that fills in the little cracks and forms a water-tight barrier against the elements to keep your home safe from dry rot, mold, mildew and fungus. This coating also adheres to any variety of outdoor surface, including, brick, stucco, plank, metal and concrete.
Step Two is the color application, available in 1500 shades, of ceramic Durable Finish Coat. Here, Rhino Shleld combines elastomeric acrylic with a urethane resin to provide additional waterproofing that is pliable enough to expand and contract with the vagaries of extreme weather conditions. Your beautiful finish comes with a 25 year guarantee against peeling or cracking.
Want to cover the roof, too? We can do that, too, with the same high quality ceramic coating that maintains color, blocks UV rays and heat, and contains water barriers to repel moisture.
Don’t forget the deck (or the natural finish log cabin). Rhino Clear protective waterproofing sealer has the same algeacides, fungicides and mildewcides. Comes in clear, glossy or a variety of semi-transparent hues meant to bring out the beauty of the wood.
Why stop there? We carry products to protect your garage inside and outside as well.

Benefits of Red-Iron Metal Primer

Monday, April 28th, 2014
Rhino-Shield’s Red-Iron Metal Primer (RMP) is superior for treatment of outdoor – as well as indoor – ferrous metals. Those are the kind that break down and rust, such as iron, steel and aluminum. Unless a red iron metal primer is applied, no matter how thickly a ‘rustable’ surface is painted, the rust will continue to occur and eventually bleed through to your newly painted surface.
Our Red Iron Metal Primer prepares the surface of metals, encapsulating rusted areas to make them smoother for a final coat that is durable, less subject to cracking and peeling, and more beautiful. RMP metal primer is high in solids such as zinc and red iron oxide that cover and protect the metal from further rust and corrosion. It is used in situations where sandblasting or acid removal is not recommended for corrosion.
RMP is ideal for industrial buildings, steel roofs, metal window trim, plus wrought iron foyer railing and fencing that is prevalent at so many older southern homes. 
Once the metal primer has been applied, we follow up with a color coat of thick and durable Rhino-Shield ceramic coating for high performance protection from further weathering. Rust and corrosion are held in check for decades to come.

Weatherproof Your Roof with Supershield

Thursday, April 24th, 2014
You can have a weatherproof roof  for decades with Super Shield, Rhino Shield’s superior elastomeric ceramic coating product made specifically for the harsh effects of cold, wind, rain, heat and UV rays that directly attack a roof.
Super Shield ceramic coating covers just abut every roofing material imaginable, including clay tiles, shingling or metal.
A base coat seals all substrate cracks to prevent water penetration that could lead to mold and mildew.
A second coat our thick, durable Super Shield coating contains ceramic microspheres and elastomeric resins that resist rain – even in high wind conditions, to create a double barrier against moisture and cracking, giving you a weatherproof roof.
Our Cool Colors technology deflects the sun’s UV rays to reduce roof temperature. You’ll see a difference in your air conditioning bills this summer.
It’s a simple way to update the appearance of your property and increase its longevity with a beautiful weatherproof roof. Super Shield comes in 1,500 colors and has a 25 year written guarantee.
Call Georgia Coatings at 678-205-4500 or complete our easy website contact form for a free onsite estimate today!

Origins of Ceramic Coating

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Rhino Shield ceramic wall and roof coating is a durable combination of tiny elastomeric polymer spheres mixed with urethane resins that combine into a tough yet flexible and breathable coating that adheres tightly to almost any surface.
Ceramic Coating is the result of  generations of scientists seeking a coating that would be stronger, smoother to lessen friction, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand extremes of temperature and water.
Organic polymer powder coatings go back to as early as the 1940s when German scientists sprayed it on metallic parts to cut down on friction. By the mid-1950s resin was introduced to turn the powder into a fluid coating, and the process was patented. Original uses have always been for abrasion and corrosion solutions. Since the 1960s ceramic coatings have been utilized heavily in the space program.
Why choose ceramic clay as a base for coating? Because as far back as 1st century Greece, builders used coatings of burned clay to insulate and provide extra protection. it had the additional property of mixing well with fats and dyes to provide durable color. Meanwhile, the clear substance we know as lacquer (a resinous coating made from insects) was being developed in the Indus Valley to protect the surface of special items that required much care.
In the 1950s German scientist Dr. Erwin Gemmer combined resin and ceramics to make a fluid coating that  could be applied to almost any surface. Prior to that, powdered ceramic coating could only be flame-sprayed, so its uses were limited only to high heat metals. This was a tremendous breakthrough.
Current uses for ceramic coatings are seen everyday on non-stick frying pans, in combustion chambers of high performance vehicles and jet engines, in machinery that is subject to a great deal of friction, and for automotive and industrial coatings that have a lasting finish, such as for pipes and towers, as well as missile nose cones and outer space equipment, and for biomedical implants. 
Now your home can have the same durable coating as a space shuttle! Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating covers almost any surface, and protects your home from extremes of heat and cold, UV rays, water vapor and even noise to some degree. Our coating comes with a 25 year transferable warranty against cracking and chipping. You’ll never paint again. 
To get started, just call us at Georgia Coatings for a free on-site estimate at 678-205-4500, or use our convenient website contact page.

Commercial Uses for Rhino Shield Coating

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
Although the majority of our business is in taking care of individual homes, we at Georgia Coatings would like to point out some commercial uses for our superior Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating. We are proud to carry such a fine product.
By now you may have become aware that Rhino Shield coating has been featured on HGTV, and has been used to restore and protect many historical homes, churches and various landmarks, coating everything from stately steeples to elegant wrought Iron fences to keep them beautiful for years to come.
In addition, you’ll find our product protecting retail stores, government buildings, universities and other institutions worldwide. It’s a wise investment for longevity, keeping the budget lean.
Unusual applications include NASCAR’s Aerodyn wind tunnel. Our hardy Rhino Shield Coating can withstand the 100 mph generated winds that would shred any latex paint.
Our coatings are used on government and commercial buildings throughout the world, particularly in areas such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and the Arctic, where buildings are exposed to extremes of heat, cold, monsoons, ocean salts, deserts, and the tropical mix of heat and rain that can break down standard paints quickly.
That’s how durable our coating is. Surely you want to give your home the same superior protection. Call Georgia Coatings today for an onsite estimate.

April Showers Require Waterproof Sealer

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
April showers bring May flowers as well as mildew, mold, rot and fungus, so use our wide assortment of waterproof sealer solutions to protect your investment.
Weatherproofing is what we do best. Rhino Shield products are applied in layers. Choose from a priming base coat, color coat, protective finish top coat – or all three –  for maximum protection against the elements:
Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS) – Transparent elastomeric acrylic base coat fills in gaps and seals. Excellent to fill in cracks in stucco.
Self Priming Coat (SPC) – Highly breathable waterproof acrylic primer made with top grade resins and ceramic microbeads. Used  as a base smoother/filler to be followed by a top coat (Protective Finish Coat), on almost any surface.
Red-Iron Metal Primer (RMP) – Specifically primes metal with zinc and red iron oxide to encapsulate built-up rust and prevent new rusting.
Ceramic One Coat (COC) – A cost-effective single-coat exterior ceramic formula with resins and extra thickness as a weather barrier.
Ceramic Mid-Coat (CMC) – Used along with the Adhesive Primer Sealer and a finish coat to provide three layers for extra protection.
Protective Finish Coat (PFC) – An elastomeric ceramic topcoat that provides a second layer of moisture protection. Ideal for extreme climates and difficult wood surfaces.
Durable Finish Coat (DFC) – An elastomeric ceramic top coat with mildew and mold-resistant additives. Seals, yet allows water vapors to escape. Can be tinted. For almost any surface.
Rhino Clear  –  A durable, clear-coat waterproofing sealer made of top grade resins. Can be used over paints for a clear gloss finish, or on porous surfaces such as wood, to bring out the wood’s natural beauty as it protects.
Protect your investment from the rains. Call us today to learn which waterproof sealer solution is best for you.

Supershield Metal Roof Coating

Friday, April 5th, 2013
Don’t get a new roof —  Rhino-Shield’s Supershield metal roof coating gives new life to old roofs. It provides superior protection against the elements, as well as saving you time and money. The restoration may even qualify on your taxes as a maintenance expense.
Some of the problems encountered with metal roofing include oxidation, rust, gapping and holes. Holes and gaps must be fixed, and deteriorated panels replaced. Fasteners, flashing and seams must be caulked. Then the roof should be pressure washed to remove dirt and loose rust or mold.
Finally Supershield metal roof coating is applied. For steep roofs, Roof One Coat with built-in primer is used. Flat Roof System is a process of applying a primer and then a double layer of ceramic coating for maximum resistance against weather and puddling.
Elastomeric ceramic microspheres in a polymer base create a thicker, slicker, more weather-resilient barrier, which is less likely to crack, or peel even in the most extreme weather conditions. This rubber-like coating forms a thick shield against the elements that expands and contracts as the temperature changes or the building shifts.  It contains additives to kill mold and mildew, yet is eco-friendly.
This durable metal roof coating also beautifies your home or business as it protects.  Special “Cool Colors” pigment technology deflect the sun’s heat and harmful, discoloring rays, lowering the surface temperature by as much as 25 degrees!
Call Rhino-Shield today to learn more about our metal roof coating systems.

Permanent Paint Solution: Ceramic Coating

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Rhino-Shield’s durable, flexible, low maintenance

Rhino Rust Bond…Fix Rust – Rust Inhibitors

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Rhino Rust Bond is a unique, two part epoxy primer designed specifically for rusted and corroded metal surface. The bond will seal and contains an  inhibitor to improve corrosion protection. Rhino Rust Bond penetrates and will reinforce and bond heavy rust.