April Showers Require Waterproof Sealer

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April showers bring May flowers as well as mildew, mold, rot and fungus, so use our wide assortment of waterproof sealer solutions to protect your investment.
Weatherproofing is what we do best. Rhino Shield products are applied in layers. Choose from a priming base coat, color coat, protective finish top coat – or all three –  for maximum protection against the elements:
Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS) – Transparent elastomeric acrylic base coat fills in gaps and seals. Excellent to fill in cracks in stucco.
Self Priming Coat (SPC) – Highly breathable waterproof acrylic primer made with top grade resins and ceramic microbeads. Used  as a base smoother/filler to be followed by a top coat (Protective Finish Coat), on almost any surface.
Red-Iron Metal Primer (RMP) – Specifically primes metal with zinc and red iron oxide to encapsulate built-up rust and prevent new rusting.
Ceramic One Coat (COC) – A cost-effective single-coat exterior ceramic formula with resins and extra thickness as a weather barrier.
Ceramic Mid-Coat (CMC) – Used along with the Adhesive Primer Sealer and a finish coat to provide three layers for extra protection.
Protective Finish Coat (PFC) – An elastomeric ceramic topcoat that provides a second layer of moisture protection. Ideal for extreme climates and difficult wood surfaces.
Durable Finish Coat (DFC) – An elastomeric ceramic top coat with mildew and mold-resistant additives. Seals, yet allows water vapors to escape. Can be tinted. For almost any surface.
Rhino Clear  –  A durable, clear-coat waterproofing sealer made of top grade resins. Can be used over paints for a clear gloss finish, or on porous surfaces such as wood, to bring out the wood’s natural beauty as it protects.
Protect your investment from the rains. Call us today to learn which waterproof sealer solution is best for you.

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