Another Satisfied Rhino Shield Customer in Georgia

Written by Roxanne Ecklund on December 28, 2011

Joe and Ginny Pasquarelli of Roswell, Georgia recently sent us a fantastic letter of recommendation for both their recently-applied Rhino Shield ceramic coating and their assigned painting and carpentry contractor, Carlos Charon. This is another letter in a string of rave reviews for Rhino Shield ceramic coatings.

Right from the get-go, Joe and Ginny thought highly of Charon and his work, writing, “During the pre-work, Mr. Charon noticed several problem areas which he pointed out to us. He quickly was able to provide cost effective solutions and repairs, which we felt were very reasonable.

“Throughout the course of the repair and painting project Mr. Charon was very professional and courteous and he performed the work as if he was doing it at his own home. All the work performed was done with care and precision.”

Additionally, the Pasquarellis were “very satisfied and pleased with the outcome and can recommend him highly without reservation!”

As you can see, both our products and workers come very highly recommended by previous clients. If you would like to learn more about applying a Rhino Shield ceramic coating to your home and the individuals that would be handling the project, call Rhino Shield at 678-205-4500.