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Rhino Shield’s durable, flexible, waterproof, sun-proof, fade-proof, insulating, maintenance-free elastomeric exterior ceramic coatings for your home or other investments was born out of sheer need in an unforgiving climate.
The weather in Florida is harsh. A home must withstand extremes of heat expansion, drying and sun damage, as well as rain storms, daily clinging tropical moisture that fosters the growth of mildew and mold, constant abrasion by wind-driven sand and salt in beach locales, and hurricane-force winds…and occasional ice.
Even the best painting contractors must depend on the quality of heir products. Return trips to make warranty repairs is costly and time-consuming.
So the folks at a painting company in Destin did something about it.
They worked with chemists at 3M company to produce a coating system  that contains less water, mildewcides, exceptional surface bonding, enough elasticity to stretch as the building structure shifts, and about 10 times thicker surface coating with the inclusion of ceramic microbeads in place of standard acrylic flakes. 
It’s not paint; it’s protection!
Although it looks like paint, this truly remarkable protective coating adheres to almost any surface, resists stains, is easy to wash, and makes UV rays bounce off, so the house stays cooler inside.
National testing lab BASF periodically tests our coatings to ensure that they meet (and indeed exceed) fire, weathering, adhesion and other standards.
And still that’s not all. You have 1,500 colors to choose from, and a 25 year transferable warranty.
Never paint again! Call us at 678-205-4500 for a free and accurate at-home estimate. You can rest easy knowing your home can endure the worst nature has to throw at it.

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