Supershield Roof Coatings

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Is your metal roof faded?  

Does your metal roof have a kinds of rust, but it is still in great shape?

Well then SuperShield is the answer for you. SuperShield Roof Coating can give your roof a new look and extra protection.  SuperShield ceramic roof coatings can extend the life of a roofs, refresh the appearance, and add layers of leak protection.  Our roof coatings are also US Department of Energy Energy Star designated.  This means the coatings can help keep your roof cooler and save on air conditioning costs. 

If you have rust build up we have two solutions for you, depending upon the surface.  We could use our Rust primer for minor rust, or our Rust Bond for heavier rust.  When we come to inspect your project we would make that determination.  

SuperShield is a great alternative to re-roofing, and is often thousands of dollars cheaper.  It is offered in sloped roof formulas for residential buildings, flat roof formulas for commercial buildings, and ponding water formulas for the most challenging situations. 

For those building requiring a colored roof, SuperShield offers Cool Colors.  Cool Color pigment technology offers heat reflectivity even in darker colors.  It has been shown to lower the surface temperature by as much as 25 degrees!

Call Georgia Coatings today to learn more about our roof coating systems or request a free estimate!

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