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How Our Residential Painting Contractors Bring New Life to Your Home

Rhino Shield is an innovative solution to home painting. You can choose any color, and once applied, it lasts 25 years. To help you decide if Rhino Shield is right for you, here's a closer look at how our painting contractors apply it to your home.  


1. Inspection

First, our painting contractors start with an inspection. A professional evaluation is the first step when staging the process. This ensures that any issues of concern are addressed before the application.


2. Clean

A clean surface is important to all painting projects. Georgia Coatings removes all dirt, grime, and bio growth. Removing dirt and grease ensures strong adhesion for our paints and coatings. Our cleaning process also prevents trapping mildew or algae.


3. Repair

At this point, repairs are made to any issues discovered during the inspection. This may include replacing rotted wood or siding, filling holes, and doing any other necessary repairs. The goal is to ensure a clean, dry, tight surface for our painting contractors to work with.


4. Sand and Scrape

Sanding and scraping removes loose and deteriorated existing paint from the substrate. Many of our crews are EPA lead paint certified to ensure the safety of your property. Georgia Coatings offers several options for existing lead paint from encapsulation to complete removal.


5. Caulk

Your home's exterior needs to do more than just look pretty. It also has to keep water and unwanted drafts out of your home. Caulking is our specialty. Most clients are surprised how much caulk our painting contractors utilize. Instead of basic painter's caulk, the best acrylic-urethane-elastomeric caulks are utilized with long term protection in mind.


6. Tape

Our painting contractors are committed to crisp clean lines and protecting your home. To make that possible, we carefully apply painter's tape to all the necessary areas of your home. This prevents the color of the window sills or siding from creeping into the color of the siding and vice versa. In addition to masking, tarps and shield are used to protect the roof and landscaping.


7. Prime

Priming is a vital part of our ultimate paint job. Rhino Shield offers several primers that address various substrate types and conditions. As part of an overall coating system, priming is important. The primer creates the long term bond necessary for a successful paint project.


8. Apply the Finish Coat

Finally, it's time to apply the final coat. When you decide to get Rhino Shield for your home, this is the moment that you've been waiting for. The ceramic coating is applied at a generous spread rate. Now, your home is the perfect color you've been dreaming of, and best of all, you don't have to worry about painting again for 25 years.


9. Touch Up

Although the finish coat is applied, our painting contractors still aren't done yet. A final inspection and touch ups are performed. A final walk around is scheduled with the homeowner to ensure satisfaction.


10. Clean Up

Nothing spoils a quality painting project like leaving behind a messy job site. At Georgia Coatings, we promise a clean yard free of tape, old paint, caulk tubes, or overspray.


After these ten steps are complete, we do a final inspection. That gives our contractors and you a chance to find and address any overlooked issues. If you want a revolutionary solution to home painting, it's time to contact Rhino Shield. Call us today.

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