PROTECT Clear coat sealer

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Clear Coat

Georgia Coatings proudly offers a clear coat called PROTECT stain and sealer.  it is ideal for decks, rails, stained doors, log homes, cedar shakes; or adding gloss protection to metal.  This is a great alternative to painting without taking away the natural beauty of your wood grain.  It may be lightly tinted to provide beautiful hues.  We have seen good results on brick and stone as well.  It wiill give it a nice sheen with some protection.   Call 1-877-678-2054 for a brochure and more information.  Request an estimate here.

  1. Benefits of Arcrlyic Clear Coat:
  2. Comes in a variety of semi transparent colors.
  3. Wicks moisture away
  4. Restores and Protects wood surfaces.
  5. Independently tested  ASTM DS401.  Ask about the results.
  6. This stain will penetrate beneathe the surface of the wood for long lasting protection and durablitily.
  7. Resists against damaging effect of UV rays
  8. It is made with a revolutionary nanotechnology formula.

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