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Protect Your Coastal Home with Ceramic Insulating Paint

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

summerrain In the Low Country of the coastal plains near our Rhino Shield exterior painting contractors offices in Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia, and Bluffton and Hilton Head, South Carolina, homeowners are getting ready for another hot, humid summer with almost daily afternoon showers and occasional tropical storms.

Now is the best time to go ahead and weatherize your coastal home before the season is completely underway, with ceramic insulating paint expertly applied by Rhino Shield exterior painting contractors.

Our teams carefully inspect your home and repair current damage before applying a thick primer sealer, followed by a beautiful coat of Rhino Shield ceramic insulating paint. It only takes 3 to 5 days to get your home in top condition, and we back our work with a 25 year transferable warranty.

Rhino Shield ceramic insulating paint:
*Is essentially waterproof because it is ceramic
*Is resistant to mold and mildew, with special antimicrobial and anti-fungal ingredients
*Has a Low-E rating, with a coating that reflects heat off the house for lower A/C bills.
*Is designed especially for coastal areas. It has the paint industry’s highest salt tolerance.
*Has ceramic microbeads that stack together tightly to create a more weatherproof finish
*Is 8 to 10 times thicker than average paint, creating a more weather-protective barrier for your home
*Has one of the industry’s best fire ratings. In case of a lightning strike, flames spread slowly.
*Is still vapor permeable, allowing moisture buildup inside the house to escape.

Call our coastal Rhino Shield exterior painting contractors at (912) 335-6600 in Georgia or (843) 476-4877 in South Carolina to learn more.

These April Showers Drench Your Home Exterior

Friday, April 17th, 2015

dry-rot If you live anywhere in the Southeast, from Asheville to Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and Savannah or Hilton Head, you’ve been drenched by rain for weeks on end. April Showers ad infinitum.

If your home’s exterior paint siding is old, chances are the finish is cracked and has allowed the intrusion of copious amounts of rainwater by now. Your paint will peel — but not before allowing seepage into the the exterior substrate materials, causing wood to swell, warp and rot, or to rust if it is certain kinds of metal.

In addition, these overcast skies and chronic rain are the perfect breeding ground for mildew and algae growth. Siding is probably beginning to grow green or black casts.

Before your home gets any worse, now is the time to have our residential painting contractors put a halt to the damage and weatherize your home’s exterior paint siding for a good 25 years with Rhino Shield ceramic coating. Here’s why:

1. Rhino Shield’s small ceramic microspheres roll together tightly to form a more rain-proof barrier.
2. Because these are not flat ‘flakes’ such as standard acrylic home exterior paint, Rhino Shield applies up to eight times thicker, for sturdier protection against the elements.
3. Rhino Shield comes with mildewcides, algaecides and fungicides built right into the coating emulsion, providing full protection for every square inch of your home’s coated exterior, not just the finished surface.
4. Rhino Shield’s transferable warranty guarantees that this new exterior paint siding will not crack or peel for 25 years.

Now would be a good time to call us for a free home estimate.

Atlanta Home Improvement Interviews Jeff Ecklund

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Atlanta Home Show This week Atlanta Home Improvement online magazine airs a video in their “Show Stoppers” series highlighting some of the best exhibitors at last month’s Spring Atlanta Home Show.

In a nearly five minute interview, Georgia Coatings owner Jeff Ecklund explains why he is thrilled to use Rhino Shield ceramic coating in his business, and how he speaks from personal experience as a home-owner.

Ceramic coating is a thicker coating than paint, it is heat-resistant, with a Low E rating, meaning that heat bounces off of it, and it blocks out UV rays.

Ecklund says coating your home with Rhino Shield is like putting a layer of siding on it. Your home’s electric bills can be reduced by as much as 35% to 45%, making Rhino Shield a great investment for years to come. Georgia Coatings renews home exteriors throughout Georgia and the southeast. Watch Jeff at

The Best House Siding Option Is Rhino Shield

Friday, March 6th, 2015

1-house-painter As warmer weather approaches, homeowners in Alpharetta and metro Atlanta, Georgia, are coming out of their homes to begin Spring cleaning. This is the time to spruce up your home’s exterior before it becomes “Hotlanta” again.

Your home siding may have gotten weather-worn with dull, cracked or chipped paint, “that green stuff” and rust stains, or even portions of Hardy Plank that may have broken off. This is the time of year when you hear advertisements for replacing your home’s exterior with new siding, but that’s a costly mistake. The best house siding option is not new siding, but a new application of Rhino Shield ceramic coating house paint.

Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating house paint is made of tiny ceramic microbeads in an emulsion that is 8 to 10 times thicker than ordinary paint. These beads retain their color for a bright finish lasting decades. They are the best house siding option because they fit together tightly to form a weather-proof and sun-proof bond that can take the rain, cold and bright sun that homes in Alpharetta and greater Atlanta experience. Special added ingredients automatically kill the mold and mildew that can sometimes happen after a rainy day in Georgia. You couldn’t ask for a better house siding option than this.

Our expert team of exterior painters make repairs to your home’s exterior before putting on an adhesive sealer coat that protects your home like a glove. The second coat of ceramic coating house paint comes in any of 1,500 colors that will look just as beautiful 25 years later – guaranteed.

Now is the time to make your home gorgeous again. Call Georgia Coatings to get the best house siding option. That’s Rhino Shield ceramic coating house paint.

Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating House Paint Fights Fights Snow Damage

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

It’s around 50 degrees and sunny at our satellite office in Knoxville, Tennessee this week, and delightful weather at our Asheville, North Carolina office, too. The first signs of Spring are here! But during the winter, Asheville and Knoxville get snow – not a lot – but enough to seep into home foundations and siding as the spring thaw begins and the snow begins to melt.

Frigid temps have caused home exteriors and housing fixtures such as wrought iron trim to shrink and become brittle during the winter. They may even crack and split. Wrought iron and other metals will rust. Then water from snow runoff gets into these cracks, crevices and weakened metals, and can ruin a home by:

*destroying the home’s outer materials,
*getting into the home’s foundation and wood structure, causing warping, bulging, cracking or splitting, *causing mold and mildew to grow within the structure, *this mold may even spread to interior walls where it can become a toxic health issue

Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating house paint is the answer to all these problems. Rhino Shield ceramic coating house paint is made of ceramic microbeads that will not break down with water. It goes on thick. Our highly experienced exterior painters repair your foundation materials such as masonite with Hardi Plank, and apply a primer sealer that locks out water, yet allows the walls to breathe indoor vapors outward. Then our exterior painters apply a second coat of ceramic coating house paint in your choice of any of 1,500 colors.
The final result is a beautiful layer of protection around your home that is as much as 8 times thicker than regular house paint. Rhino Shield ceramic coating house paint comes with a 25 years transferrable warranty against cracking, chipping and peeling. This length of time is derived from weathering testing by the well-known independent laboratory, BASF, which has affirmed that Rhino Shield ceramic paint will endure for more than 25 years.
Once our professional exterior painters protect your home, you will never paint again.

This is the time to take advantage of these sunny and mild days to weatherize your home for the next winter.

What is Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating?

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating is the result of years of scientific research and development to bring you the best exterior house coating protection on the market.

Ceramic coating has been in military development since the 1940s, and perfected for commercial use in the 1960s by the 3M Company. This coating is used in extreme scientific equipment such as wind tunnels, NASA spacecraft and NASCAR’s high-heat engine parts, for high-use industrial machinery, and for commercial garage or warehouse floors that are subject to lots of wear and spills. That’s because the titanium dioxide ceramic finish is so durable and easy to clean.

Elastomeric ceramic coating has been in residential use for 20+ years now, proving its practicality. Home remodeling expert Bob Vila says on his website that ceramic coating is “highly effective at preventing unnecessary heat loss or gain in residential and commercial structures.” That means you will save money on your heating and air conditioning bills, among other things.

The necessity of having a home exterior covering that could withstand the intense heat, chronic humidity, UV fading and the beatings of tropical storms drove a home exterior painting company in Florida to look for answers. They collaborated with a chemist to develop a residential-use home exterior product that could take a beating. The chemist looked to ceramic coating for an answer and spent a year in development. Rhino Shield was born. Rhino Shield continues to be subjected to routine testing by an outside lab (BASF) for fire resistance and durability to ensure the best quality product for your home.

Rhino Shield stands up to heat, humidity, torrential rains and storm-level winds (and frigid temps) without cracking, peeling or tearing. It endures damaging UV rays, keeps out moisture and algae buildup, helps to sound-proof because of it goes on 8 to 10 times thicker than paint, and it comes with a 25 year warranty. What more could you ask for?

Now you can get this fantastic home exterior technology in Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. Call our Rhino Shield office at 877-678-2054 to ask us how and to schedule your FREE at-home written estimate.

Winter Weather-Proofing Your Home Exterior

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

While you are warm and comfortable indoors during the winter, your home’s exterior is taking a beating. That’s why you need our ‘tough as a rhino’s hide’ durable Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating for your home.

In Georgia and South Carolina winter weather puts great strain on the exterior of the home as it expands and contracts in response to almost daily swings of warm weather that can suddenly take a nose-dive into frigid temps. Our homes also endure bouts what seems like endless cold rain – and occasional snow and ice storms – that batter the home’s exterior. In Tennessee, snow builds up, ice cakes on, salt has to be used to remove it. These harsh conditions dig into the surface of your home’s exterior. When spring temps thaw it all out, water seeps into any stress fractures the home’s exterior may have experienced from the old. Simple acrylic paint is hardly a defense against this.

But our Rhino Shield eslastomeric ceramic coating is not paint. It’s made of tiny ceramic beads that roll into place together to adhere much tighter than flat acrylic flakes. We start with a primer and finish with the ceramic coating in any of 1,500 colors that leaves a protective coating on your home’s exterior 8-10 times thicker than standard paint. It keeps out the rain and snow, has UV protectors to keep its color against sunshine, and has mildewcides and fungicides to kill any waterborne contaminants that might attack the substrate.

The elastomeric ‘elastic’ quality of the finish allows it to bend and stretch as the home responds to the expansion and contraction of weathering. Plus, our Rhino Shield elesatomeric ceramic coating comes with a 25 year warranty against peeling, chipping and cracking. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Call us at 877-678-2054 or 678-205-4500 in the Metro Atlanta area to learn how we can protect your home. While you’re at it, please schedule your FREE at-home written estimate today. You can rest assured knowing that your property investment is protected with Rhino Shield.

Don’t Forget The Trim

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Rhino Shield’s elsatomeric ceramic coating does more than enhance your home’s exterior walls. It also covers, seals and beautifies your home’s doors and shutters, awnings, porches, gutters and downspouts – even certain types of roofing.

Our ceramic coating covers wood, stucco, metal, tile, vinyl siding, Hardi Plank and concrete block with ease. The coating applies 8 – 10 times thicker than regular acrylic paint for a finish that lasts and is UV ray resistant – the color doesn’t fade. What a relief it is to know you’ll never have to paint again.

Rhino Shield’s elastomeric properties allow the coating to bend as age and weather affect your home, for perfect beauty year after year. There is no cracking, peeling or chipping. This is backed up with a 25 year transferable warranty!

Call Georgia Coating at 877-678-2054 to schedule your FREE at-home estimate today.

Old Home Restoration With Rhino Shield

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Older homes are often family or community treasures. Age may not have been kind to them, though. The best restoration requires the best wall coating treatment, applied by professional application technicians, so treasured homes can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating is not ‘paint.’ It is made of tiny ceramic beads in a minimal amount of liquid, making it less watery than acrylic paint. Drying time is faster, and the coating is 8-10 times thicker than paint, for maximum protection from weather.

The tiny ceramic beads slide together tightly, yet have full independent flexibility, to give our wall coating great elasticity. Older homes are especially susceptible to shifting and settling with changing seasons and subtle ground movement. Our elastomeric ceramic coating moves with the substrate (wood, metal, etc.) to keep it from cracking or peeling. This claim is backed up with a 25 year warranty.

Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic wall coating provides even more protection. It’s waterproof, yet allows inside vapors. It provides UV and sun-damage proofing to keep the color from fading, and to keep heating and cooling bills lower. It is Class A fire rated by BASF, an independent testing lab. And it also contains mildewcides and fungicides to keep rot and mold from building up. You never have to paint again, and you will probably never have to pressure wash again, either.

Call us at 877-678-2054 or contact us through our website to learn how you can be protecting your older home today.

Save Money Four Ways With Rhino Shield

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

There is no doubt that Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating is a wise choice for your home’s exterior. Here’s how Rhino Shield saves you money:

Most paints last only 8 years or so before fading and decomposing. With Rhino Shield ceramic coating, you won’t have to paint for another 25 years at least. Think of the savings! This is backed by a 25 year warranty against cracking or peeling. It’s elastomeric stretching properties allow the coating to bend in response to settling and the normal expansion and contraction of the substrate due to weather. That keeps it from cracking apart. Built in color protectectants keep the colors fresh year after year.

Our ceramic coating goes on 8-9 times thicker than regular paint, helping to keep outside temperatures from affecting inside comfort. It also contains UV resistance that deflects the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Save on heating and cooling bills.

In addition, built in mildewcides and fungicides keep your home’s exterior surface from building the ‘green grunge’ that typically accumulates on the sides of homes, especially in wooded areas. Save money on routine pressure washing.

Finally, our Rhino Shield elastomeric exterior ceramic coating stays beautiful, and the 25 year warranty is transferable. Both increase your home’s resale value.